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Physical Therapy Assistant - Home Care
Location:133 Old Road to Nine Acre Corner, Concord, MA 01742
Category: Physical Therapy
Job Type: Full Time
With over 300,000 patients in 25 towns around Massachusetts, Emerson Hospital is proud to provide our community members with all of the medical services they need to be, and stay healthy. We know that when it comes to providing top-quality healthcare, the real difference maker is our team of dedicated medical professionals and staff that make it happen.

PT Jobs at Emerson Hospital can include:

Home Care Physical Therapist - Team members in these PT Jobs provide evaluation, development of individualized care planning, instruction to patient/family, and direct physical therapy services to patients/families in the home setting.

Inpatient Physical Therapist - Team members in these PT Jobs provide PT evaluation, treatment and education as prescribed by a member of our medical team.

Rehab Aide - Team members in these physical therapy Jobs assist therapy staff with medically prescribed physical therapy treatments.

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